Fun Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

At some point we all feel that we’ve wintered enough winter.  We all know the things we  should be doing like exercising, getting outside, and eating right.  Here are some “fun” tips to help melt away the winter blahs! 

1.  Drink some orange juice. Start your day off right by nurturing your body and feeding it the Vitamin C it needs with a cool glass of orange juice.  You’ll feel energized, raring and ready to go.  Consume more glasses throughout the day for a happier, healthier mind and body (seriously!) … and here’s the make it REALLY fun part … add a splash of vodka! (after noon of course!) 

2.  Take five. Believe it or not, five long, deep breaths will induce relaxation by triggering the release of hormones (and at a certain age, we ladies know how important those hormones can be!).  It’s important to take a pause in your day and just breathe and be present. 

3.  Create an upbeat environment. Light a candle, play music that gets you singing along, and put fresh flowers around the house (treat yourself).  Add a pop of colour with a bright throw pillow or some vibrant plants. 

4.  Don’t wear all black. Coincidently, bright colours give off a vibe of happiness and elevate our spirits.  Black, on the other hand, evokes strong emotions, but it is also associated with intelligence and makes us appear centered.  Thus, adding a bright accessory or top to a black outfit can really lighten your mood. 

5.  Get a good night’s sleep. If you’re like me, you’re thinking “yeah, right”, but a good night’s sleep is really important.  When we have a good night’s sleep, it’s that deep slumber that allows us to restore our bodies, so try to squeeze in ample sleep no matter how busy or stressed you are.  A couple of quick tips you can try tonight to aid sleep:  drink a relaxing beverage, take a warm bath, wear an eye mask, add a splash of sound. 

6.  Write down 5 things you’re grateful for. 

Give thanks, and create your own mantra that reinforces the joy and bliss in your own life.  Happiness is a choice, and each day we must find things to be grateful for, and hence, happy about … one thing we can all be grateful about - spring REALLY is around the corner!